Society and Breastfeeding

Today, I had an awesome playdate with two new Moms from a group I started on Facebook for our area. In this group, we baby wear, cloth diaper…and breastfeed. Today we discussed how society views breastfeeding Moms. Both Moms still breastfeed their babies, one is around 13 months, the other 14 months.

My son is 10-months-old, unfortunately, I can’t breastfeed anymore as I wasn’t producing enough milk to provide for my son so I started supplementing with formula. I am not writing this blog to suggest in any way that if you don’t breastfeed, you are wrong. Far from it. I wish I could have longer, but with both my daughter and my son I had to stop and supplement and then of course after supplementing, they only want the bottle not the boob. And it all goes down hill from there. Nonetheless, my son is healthy and happy. That is what matters. Not that you breastfeed until they are 2-years-old, or you never breastfeed and only used formula.

This blog is because I can not stand the view that society has on breastfeeding. It has gotten ridiculous. To the point that Joey Salads did an experiment with a busted, sexy girl and a Mom breastfeeding. This was the public’s reaction:

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