5 Day Shakeology Challenge

5-Day Shakeology Challenge


This is for all my friends/family who have NOT yet tried/are not yet addicted to Shakeology, but are on the fence about it and would want to try it for FIVE days! Shakeology is my one ∗•♥#DUH♥•∗ meals everyday (you’ll see why!).

Some of you have asked me about it, so here’s your chance to try it before you buy the whole shebang! 5 days will give you an efficient amount to start feeling the “energy” as well as them many other benefits!

The 5 day supply is $30 + a free 7-day clean eating meal plan with a printable shopping list—AND you’ll be put in to an accountability group for my support!\

Wondering if you’ll loose weight in just a week?

Valeria lost 5lbs in ONE week!

Christina lost 9lbs (you heard me, NINE pounds) in a week!

I have a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY so it is first come, first serve. Comment below, OR click “BUY NOW” and order today! 🙂

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


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