Vagina Weightlifting

Yes…you read that right, Vagina Weightlifting. And you thought doing Kegels was hard!

Crazy enough, this isn’t a new trend! Vaginal weight lifting is a 5000 year-old practice that has its roots in ancient, Taoist China. Courtesans in the emperor’s court used a jade egg with weights attached to it to strengthen the vaginal canal. According to The Huffington Post, her weightlifting technique puts certain Olympic events to shame. tumblr_lusjweb9kb1qcmrp8A Russian mom, Tatyana Kozhevnikova, officially owns the World’s Strongest Vagina by virtue of her record for vagina weightlifting, for the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009. She won this prestigious award by lifting 31 pounds with her vagina! She inserts an egg shaped “ball” into her vagina and attaches the weight or any item to a string through the egg. She contracts her muscles around the egg and lifts the item in whatever weight it has. It has taken her 20 years to become this powerful with her vagina.

But Tatyana is not the only one practicing vaginal weightlifting. Kim Anami, is a holistic sex and relationship coach who has been practicing vaginal weightlifting for a while. She travels the world teaching others how to vaginal weight lift and also owns a retreat to show others how to tap in to their sexuality. Kim even gives props to Tatyana for holding the record for the strongest vagina on her blog. Although Kim also practices, she has yet to surpass Tatyana’s world record.

Kim believes that everyone should have more and better sex…and doing vaginal weightlifting is one way to do it. You can sign up for her retreats, online training and more at her website.

So are you wondering if this will even have health benefits if you start this new workout?? Well actually, yes. An important one is to eliminate issues with urinary incontinence and to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. Training your vagina prior to childbirth can actually help you recover more quickly afterwards.

According to Kim, there are at least 10 benefits to lifting weights with your vagina. You can watch the video of her top 10 reasons as well (courtesy of Huffington Post):

  1. Have more orgasms.
  2. Have better orgasms. By better I mean, mind-, body- and spirit-altering orgasms that are longer, deeper, more intense, and include the ability to ejaculate.
  3. Keep your internal organs (I.e. no pelvic organ prolapse).
  4. Have an easier childbirth and recover more quickly afterward.
  5. Up your libido. When the vagina is weak, it feels numb. Sex is infinitely more pleasurable with a sensitive and articulate vagina.
  6. Eliminate issues of urinary incontinence.
  7. Increase circulation in the vaginal canal and produce lubrication more easily (this is the main reason women do not lubricate profusely).
  8. Integrate your sexual energy into everything you do. When women are dissociated from their vaginas, they are also cut off from the natural and enlivening flow of their sexual energy. When the vagina is brought back to life, that vital, life-force energy is available to you to channel into all parts of your life.
  9. A natural facelift. When you strengthen and pull up the pelvic floor muscles, you create an energetic lift throughout the entire body, which even registers in the face. I have had clients stop using Botox after beginning their lifting practice.
  10. Be able to shoot ping pong balls. This is every woman’s God-given right.

Just recently, Women’s Health did an article on Kim and her vagina weightlifting. She explained the benefits…the health ones…not just the sexy ones! 😉

“Anami also claims the lessons can help you eradicate PMS, improve fertility, and lift both your breasts and the bags under your eyes—but that’s a whole other matter.”

Vaginal Weightlifting is actually doctor approved! According to OB-GYN Alyssa Dweck, M.D., coauthor of V Is for Vagina. “In some women, particularly in those who have had vaginal deliveries, the vagina can feel relaxed, weak, and sometimes loose,” says Dweck. Most of the time, traditional Kegels can tighten things back up, but in particularly stubborn cases, she recommends her patients perform those Kegels…with vaginal weights.

Are you wanting to know where to purchase these wekim-anami-granatapfel-fs.jpgights? Well, there are a few places (surprisingly!). One is VagaCare, it is a cone that comes with three sets of weights to attach and build your pelvic floor. Another is, MedAmour, and they have three silicone based weights called, Je Joue Ami Balls. They are three weights, 1.9 oz, 2.6 oz, and 3.5 oz. Once you have mastered one size, you move to the next one up. You can also purchase the Guinness World Record holder, Tatyana’s wooden eggs on her website. If you want to have a training class before you start all this, Kim has a virtual 8-week class to turn your vagina into a Kung Fu Ninja…well sort of! Her Vaginal Kung Fu class also includes her jade egg-“Your Brand New Vagina Kit: jade egg, silk carry pouch and rose quartz lifting stones.” But don’t go thinking that you can lift a surfboard in a few days after you start!

Dr. Dweck suggests, “starting with the smallest weight possible, performing 20 Kegels a day with that weight, and moving up in small increments only after you can lift that weight with minimal effort.”

If you want to see more of Kim and her crazy vagina weightlifting items, you can follow her on Instagram with her hashtag, #ThingsILifeWithMyVagina.

7780566_this-woman-can-lift-seriously-heavy-objects_cca139a4_m.pngBeing a Mom, I am not gonna lie…after having 2 kids, this is quite appealing. I mean, you are telling me my vagina will be tighter and better than before I had kids?! Uh…score! That is a no brainer! lol I do Kegels, what is the difference with adding a little weight?! Is this something that you would consider doing? Do you already practice vagina weightlifting?! Tell me! I want to hear from you! Comment below!




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